Sandro Gorra at Milano Design Week 2023

The giraffes of the Milanese artist are coming to town from April 17 to 23. On show the monumental artwork ‘Alice and the water’ and the sculpture ‘Loser’.

Sandro Gorra chooses the 5VIE Art + Design district to tell the Milanese and International audiences about his poetics, the Daily Art, “the art of the moment”. And he does so through two of his giraffes, ‘Alice and the water’ and ‘Loser’.

The monumental artwork ‘Alice and the water’ on show at BigApple Design in Piazza Mentana 3, offers a poetic thought on the care for nature and everyday life. 

Like a children’s story on the creative stage of BigApple Design, Sandro Gorra’s work enhances the drama of water which, when it dries up, goes away. The giraffe Alice captures the moment of drinking, “like a parable of beauty bent on the problems that the stupidity of men is creating for the whole Planet, with desertification and so on” (Sandro Gorra quotes). And with the Milanese artist’s usual irony mixed with poetry in which the spots on the cloak slide down, adding spectacle to the problem. An iconoclastic language to show the daily moment.

Sandro Gorra, Alice e l’acqua (Alice and the water, 2021
Epoxy resin, iron, enamels, various materials
380 x 230 x 250 cm

The medium sizes sculpture ‘Loser’, in the tasting room at Confine in Piazza Massaia / Via San Sisto 9, wait for us with melodramas and poetry.

The giraffe Loser “thought he was a sieve. The rare water he found was no longer enough to quench his thirst” (Sandro Gorra quotes). Here again poetry and irony are the founding features. In Gorra’s artistic gesture there are no second thoughts: the moment is seized just as the idea comes and it is imprinted in the artwork.

Sandro Gorra, Loser, 2018
Lacquered resin, acrylics
60 x 60 x 30 cm

Sandro Gorra enhances the evocative theme ‘Design for Good’ of the tenth edition of 5VIE. All the projects on shows this year in the district address powerful topics such as spirituality, the relationship with one’s roots and with nature, the ability to find a universal language, and the drama of incommunicability.

Art, design, and creativity… represent tools for dealing with the complexity of the present and working for the common good.

Sandro Gorra about his Daily Art : video